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At the McGill Bookstore, as Administrative Assistants, and in Work Study positions, among others, AMUSE members do all kinds of work in both part-time and full-time positions at McGill University. Though often confused with AGSEM, we represent only non-academic casual workers. Another misconception about AMUSE members is that we are only employed for a short time, work part-time, and that we are all students. Group 1 and Group 2 members of AMUSE’s Collective Agreement are employed full-time, frequently as MUNACA replacement workers (when MUNACA members are on leave or developmental assignment) and are non-students. Our first Collective Agreement was signed in February 2012, and it draws heavily on MUNACA’s. AMUSE has an Executive Committee of six, a Board of Representatives, several Committees, and hires two Outreach Coordinators. Like MUNACA, AMUSE is a member of the larger union PSAC (the Public Service Alliance of Canada), so each of our unions go through the same grievance procedure and meet with the same representative for consultation on issues like grievance procedures. Since our unions have much in common, we have discussed the possibility of merging our two unions into one. Meet us here, and please get in touch!

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