Today, August 26, 2015,  MUNACA representatives met with the University representatives for the first time to begin the negotiation process for our next collective agreement. MUNACA’s representatives are:

  • Sherrie Child (C-Council),
  • Jesse Radz (C-Council),
  • Debra Yee (L-Council),
  • Badawy Sha’ath (T-Council),
  • Roberto Tariello (T-Council),
  • Marc Samoisette (Mac Campus),
  • David Roseman (VPLR),
  • Kevin Whittaker (President) and
  • Jean-Michel Fortin (PSAC Negotiator).

Unfortunately Roberto was unavailable for today’s meeting.

The University’s representatives are:

  • Sasha Liben,
  • Elvie Coletta,
  • Isabelle Roberge,
  • Alexandre Coutu and
  • Robert Comeau.

A representative from the Faculty of Medicine, as yet unnamed, will also be joining.

MUNACA presented its list of demands and explained the rationale of why we want the changes implemented. After a few brief questions the university presented its objectives without any economic positions. The MUNACA team found the list of “objectives” to be too vague and confusing in some instances. We therefore requested that the university present us with a more detailed list with explanations of what it is they want to achieve, indicating changes to the listed article, as well as an economic proposal.

The meeting was then ended for the day at 11:30 a.m. and will continue tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.

Here you can find MUNACA’s negotiation proposal, and McGill’s objectives.

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