Negotiations Update, August 27, 2015

MUNACA and University representatives continued with the presentation of  McGill’s details expanding on the original objectives document presented on  Wednesday, August 26th, 2015. Present for MUNACA; Sherrie Child (C-council), Jesse Radz (C-council), Debra Yee (L-council), Badawy Sha’ath (T-council), Roberto Tariello (T-council), Marc Samoisette (Mac Campus), David Roseman (VPLR), Kevin Whittaker (President) and Jean-Michel Fortin (PSAC negotiator). Unfortunately Roberto was unavailable for today’s meeting.

For the University: Sasha Liben, Isabelle Roberge, Alexandre Coutu and Robert Comeau. Elvie Coletta was absent as well as the representative from the Faculty of Medicine.

Jean-Michel explained that there was a mistake with our text filed yesterday regarding the PSAC Social Justice fund. Please replace the text in the document by the following;

“The Employer shall contribute one cent ($0.01) per hour worked to the PSAC Social Justice Fund and such contribution will be made for all hours worked by each employee in the bargaining unit. Contributions to the Fund will be made quarterly, in the middle of the month immediately following completion of each fiscal quarter year, and such contributions remitted to the PSAC National Office. Contributions to the Fund are to be utilized strictly for the purposes specified in the Letters Patent of the PSAC Social Justice Fund.”

The university made requests for clarification on some of our demands, which we responded to in some detail. The university then presented its more detailed list of objectives with its economic position. MUNACA asked questions on the document. The two parties then convened separately to review the documents and will continue with the negotiations on September 14th, 15th and 16th 2015.

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