Negotiations Update – September 17, 2015

After three days of intensive negotiation this week, we are pleased to report that the two parties have arrived at agreements on three key articles.

Article 8.13 Seniority: we have now agreed that seniority gained elsewhere in the University by all full-time workers, including casual workers, will be maintained if someone joins MUNACA.

Article 13.16: in this article we have clarified when it is possible to appoint external candidates without posting. In the past there were no parameters, which resulted in a number of grievance issues, as well as unfairly limiting opportunities for members.

Article 16: Employment Security: we have agreed on provisions that we feel will provide for consistency and also give a chance for more workers to be appointed to the MUNACA bargaining unit, while strengthening the overall intention of this article.

We will be continuing our negotiations next week on Tuesday, September 22nd.

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