Negotiations Update – October 9, 2015

This week (week of October 5, 2015) during two days of negotiations, the parties discussed and agreed to some changes in principle, on the following:

Article 14.03 – Temporary Assignments;
Article 20.02 – Hours of Work;
Article 20.08.02 – Flexible scheduling;
Article 22.01 – Overtime; and
Article 24.01 – Rates of Pay.

Some of these were so-called “housekeeping” issues. The parties agreed that Art. 22.01 should be modified to make it more consistent with the Act on Labour Standards, and agree that Art. 24.01 should be eliminated because it refers to past events (slotting into new pay grids) that are now completed.

We will resume negotiations after the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

(Negotiation dates for the week of  September 28th were cancelled due to illness.)

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