Negotiations Update – October 15, 2015

After the long Thanksgiving weekend, the two parties resumed negotiations on October 13th and 14th. The articles addressed were:

10.02 – Grievance and disagreement procedure

12.04 – Disciplinary measures

28.09 – Vacation days

30.02 to 30.08 – Bereavement leaves

30.10 – Leave for marriage

37.01, xx.xx3*, xx.xx4* and xx.xx5* – Incidental illness

The parties have come to agreements on all the above articles.  We have simplified and clarified the grievance procedure, and agreed to extend the delays for both parties for both the grievance and disciplinary processes. The University has agreed to more flexibility in the use of single days provided for vacation, bereavement leaves and marriage leave, as well as the ability to use some leave for incidental illness as half days.  The union agreed to drop its demands expressed in Articles xx.xx3, xx.xx4 and xx.xx5, after receiving assurances that these issues can be addressed outside of the Collective Agreement or through other means.

We will resume negotiations next Tuesday, October 20th.  New days have been scheduled, namely November 9th, 10th, 24th, and 27th.  We also scheduled dates in December, in the event that we cannot conclude negotiations by the end of November, as the University has stated it is motivated to do. These days are December 7th, 9th and 11th.

*Union proposals

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