Negotiations Update – October 29, 2015

The week of October 26, 2015,  the teams worked on articles:

  • 20.06 Special Summer Schedules
  • 20.08.05 Shift Premiums
  • 29.02 Holidays with Pay
  • 29.05 Holidays with Pay – Procedures.

We were unable to conclude discussions on 20.06 regarding our 10th Summer Friday and where it should be scheduled.

For article 20.08.05, we made significant progress and have been able to come to an agreement on new rates.

Article 20.09 was also agreed upon and will enable members to have more flexibility in making up time.

Article 29.05 was adjusted to clearly incorporate the provisions from the Act Respecting Labour Standards regarding the indemnity owed part-time employees who are not scheduled to work on a statutory holiday.

We also reviewed Appendix 9 again and agreed to drop this article and replaced it with additional language in article 39.03 to ensure MUNACA has input in the benefits decision-making process outside of the SBAC (Staff Benefits Advisory Committee).

Negotiations continue on November 9th, 2015.

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