Negotiations Update – November 11, 2015

The two parties met on Monday and Tuesday, November 9th and 10th.  We had planned for the discussions to center on salaries, and that is how we began. Before starting we had recognized MUNACA’s proposal contained an error in calculation, and so we were able to provide the correct figures and an explanation to the University. The correction will also be posted shortly on our website.

While there appeared to be progress regarding salary scale increases, the University kept pressing for major concessions on Appendix 5, which defines when the University is able to hire casuals to do MUNACA work. McGill has been insisting on opening this appendix so that it would not apply to the use of Work Study students or students paid off student organizational funding. The changes McGill wants would mean that it would no longer have limits placed on the hiring of students paid using these funds: it could arrange to have them perform whatever work it required. We already have a significant issue with the replacement of positions with casual assignments, and have filed grievances over it. It is not something that our counterparts in AMUSE support either.  Since McGill’s proposal would probably result in the problem becoming even greater in coming years and does nothing to curtail current abuses of the system, it is clearly unacceptable.

The University is also adamantly refusing to address the internal inequities caused by salary adjustments made as a result of the pay equity plan. We proposed establishing a committee to evaluate positions, even postponing certain increases until the work was completed, but the University has refused to incorporate this either in our agreement. In other words, despite internal equity’s being a central component of our salary demands the University is balking at any discussion of these problems.

So, where do we stand? The University is offering increases of 3% over 4 years with an unknown amount for the fifth year. Broken down this means: 1% for 2016, 1% for 2017, 1% for 2018, 0% for 2019 and ??% for 2020.

The MUNACA bargaining team knows our members will not accept this, or anything close, especially when added to the refusal to show any flexibility in addressing internal inequity or job re-evaluations.

Bargaining resumes on November 24th. The MUNACA bargaining committee has decided that it is now time to hear back from you. We especially wish to hear what the entire membership thinks of this salary offer so that we can return to the bargaining table with your opinions and any additional options.


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