The results of nominations received on October 19th, 2015 for the Councils are as follows:

C Council had 6 seats open; 6 nominations were received:
Colby Briggs, Mohamad Kaddoura, Marylin Linhares, Jennifer Nicholls, Patrick Ritchie and Corina Sferdenschi

All nominations for C have been acclaimed on the C Council. Their terms are effective immediately and they will serve the remainder of the term that started June 2014.

L Council had 2 seats open; 0 nominations were received.

T Council had 2 seats open; 3 nominations were received. Elections were held, and the results were:

Pierre Cambron – 18

Timothy Swiffen – 58

Danny Trempe – 54

Timothy Swiffen and Danny Trempe have been elected to T Council.

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