Fight for $15 Campaign Speaking Event At McGill

Organizers of Fight For $15 for Immigrant and Migrant Workers will introduce their campaign at McGill on Wednesday, 25 November, at 18h in Leacock #109.

What? Introduction to the Fight For $15, a Campaign for a Living Minimum Wage of $15 Per Hour for Immigrant & Migrant Workers in Québec.

Who? Manuel Salamanca, organizer with the Coalition Against Precarious Work, will give details about the campaign. Also, a worker from the Temporary Agency Worker Association (TAWA) will speak about the importance of this living minimum wage campaign.

When? Wednesday, 25 November, 18h, Leacock #109.

The Coalition Against Precarious Work has 7 member organizations: Immigrant Workers Centre, TAWA, PINAY (Filipino women’s solidarity group), Association of Temporary Foreign Workers, Mexicans for Regularization, Dignidad Migrante, and the Collective of Spanish Immigrants in Montréal.

This event was organized by Social Justice Committee–MUNACA, and Equity Committee–AMUSE.

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