Negotiation Update: November 25, 2015

Our bargaining team resumed negotiations yesterday, November 24, 2015, with the University. As we indicated in our last bulletin, the last salary offer from the university was unacceptable, as many of you have contacted us to confirm. We clearly informed the University of this. We have since reached a tentative agreement on important items that we believe will satisfy both parties on such issues such as annual increases. More information will be available once the agreement is finalized.

However, the last remaining issue is one that has been a source of resentment from our membership: the 10th Summer Friday that is taken directly before or after the Christmas break. However, if you check the McGill website, you will see that the University is in fact officially closed on that day, which amounts to the loss of that Summer Friday. We have raised this clearly with the University, and they remain unwilling to move on this issue. We have made it clear that this is unacceptable to our membership, and our demand remains firm.

We will resume bargaining this Friday, November 27, 2015. Will we be able to conclude bargaining before the 30th? That is now in the hands of the University!

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