Negotiation Update: November 27, 2015

Bargaining resumed today, November 27, 2015, with the University. We were able to sign off on a letter of agreement that would see us finally review our PEDs and do a proper re-evaluation of them, as well as jointly review the salary structure after Pay Equity and look at the internal inequity problem it caused.

However, as stated in the last bulletin, the last and only remaining issue is the 10th Summer Friday that is taken directly before or after the Christmas break. The University remains unwilling to move on this issue. Although it is clear to both parties that this issue amounts to a non-cumulative cost of 0.4%, a cost that is significantly lower, we might point out, than the pension the ex-Principal receives on an annual basis after 10 years of work, the University is saying “no, it is too much.” We are particularly disappointed in this response since we have already shown significant flexibility in considering the University’s proposals. We will resume bargaining on December 7th, although if the University is still rejecting our proposal on this one remaining item, there will be little to no point in meeting.

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