A note of thanks from the outgoing executive

We want to thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us over the past seven years. We’ve accomplished so much in that time, as a union: with the help of the PSAC, we had our first major strike, which showed the university what MUNACA’s really made of; it was a hard time for a lot of members, but we all stood firm, and came out of it with a newfound feeling of solidarity as a union, and the respect of the university, as well as more tangible benefits, like a pay grid so that at last MUNACA members will reach their salary maximums within 12 years. Since the strike, we’ve joined the PSAC, a strong national union, as full members as MUNACA became a Directly Chartered Local. Members trusted us to find MUNACA a strong parent union, and we delivered.

Pay Equity, outstanding at McGill for thirteen years, was an issue members wanted solved. Members trusted this executive to solve it, and we delivered: a payout of over $20 million was disbursed largely to MUNACA members. We’ve remained on top of the ongoing pay equity exercises and ensured that any money that was owed to our members was paid; carried out a series of information sessions to help members understand this often challenging process; and when members had questions about their particular situation, we walked them through it. We had just embarked, with the university, on a review of the PEDs, to update them to reflect members’ jobs as they are now, and not as they were fifteen years ago. This will be a job for the new executive.

As many members had long felt that with AMUSE members doing substantially the same work as MUNACA members, and with both unions under the PSAC, it would make sense to merge our two unions. Members trusted us to investigate this possibility’s pros and cons and in the end an administrative or political merger made the most sense. After many meetings with AMUSE executives and many, many consultations with members of both unions, we drafted bylaws for the new merged union, and held a contest to name it. Everything is ready for the merger to take place, it just remains for the members of both unions to officially approve the bylaws and we’re all set.

As well, we recently negotiated a strong collective agreement that will take MUNACA through to 2018, with increases the public sector could only dream of. We’ve built up a much better working relationship with the university, and we think it shows in how quickly and painlessly this CA was concluded.

Since the strike, and with the help of our PSAC advisers, we’ve built up a steward network so that members have someone nearby they can contact with questions and problems; stewards play a vital role in our union, they’re its eyes and ears in the workplace, members’ first point of contact. We thank everyone who’s stepped up and taken on this important work.

Finally, without our stellar office staff all of this would have made for a difficult road indeed, but luckily we’ve got the best, most resourceful, efficient, cheerful and hardworking team in the MUNACA office: Christine, Josh, and Dan, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We could not have managed without you, and we’ll miss working with you, but we know you’ll carry on the essential day to day work of the union seamlessly.

In the end, we’re proud to be able to say that everything that was asked of us, we’ve accomplished. It’s been our honour to serve you these past seven years, and a privilege to hold your trust. We leave the incoming executive with a union in good financial shape, with a strong collective agreement, and a good relationship with our parent union, as well as with our employer. We wish the new executive all the best as they take up the reins.



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