Position Statement Regarding Labour in Palestine

With the World Social Forum 2016 taking place this week in our fair city, MUNACA wishes to address one of the important subjects being tackled by this conference of labour groups, non-profits, charities, and activist from around the world: Labour in Israel-Palestinian territories.  Labour groups have always fought for the rights of workers to carry out their employ in safe, secure, and voluntary conditions.  We have long since fought for minimum standards concerning pay, children’s labour, health conditions, hours, benefits, and respect; and yet, many workers in Israeli occupied regions do not enjoy such rights. As per the International Labour Organization’s 2013 report on The Situation of Workers of the Occupied Arab Territories¸ we call on the State of Israel  to ensure workers in occupied territories are afforded the labour rights provided by the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental   Principles and Rights at Work, including the elimination of child and forced labour. MUNACA believes strongly in the right to self-determination, peace, and security for all peoples.  We support efforts made by governments, and civil society to advance these rights, including those of the Israeli, and Palestinian peoples.

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