Pay Equity Update

MUNACA has met with University officials to discuss the 2010 Pay Equity Maintenance Exercise.  While we appreciate the transparency of the University, and believe the calculations and processing of data have been done, for the most part, in a manner respecting the Pay Equity Act, we do believe that there has been a systemic undervaluation of MUNACA labour.  Not only has the university failed to properly update job descriptions to reflect the new realities of each position, but the university has also never engaged front-line employees in a real dialogue about job descriptions.  As a result, we believe that administration has painted an overly conservative picture of MUNACA jobs that considers our labour to be unskilled, simple, and low-stress.  To respond to this, MUNACA is calling on members to submit information about their position by way of a google survey.  A link to the survey will be sent to members later this week.
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