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Statement on Bill 21

Recently, the Government of Quebec proposed a deeply troubling law under the guise of secularism that would prohibit certain Quebecers of faith from participating in public life and in the public sector. The academic community has long been a bastion

Started as a casual? Check your seniority!

It only takes 2 minutes and seniority is fundamental for questions of employment security, priority for vacant positions, for shift work, and for vacation schedule/entitlement It has come to our attention there have been some cases of discrepancies in McGill’s

Open Letter to Principal Fortier on Winter Conditions

Dear Principal Fortier, As has happened in the past, when inclement weather is coming our way, we have received questions and concerns about the University’s plans on coping with the situation. First of all, as was done at other universities

Planete Mobile Discount for PSAC Members

Public Service Alliance of Canada members and staff are entitled to a 30% discount on a “Share Everything” plan from Rogers. With a Share Everything plan, you’ll have the freedom to share data between family members and devices, as well

Helen Campbell’s Passing (March 02, 1941 – November 09, 2018)

On November 09, 2018, Helen Campbell passed away at 77 surrounded by her family. Helen worked for over 30 years as a technician in the electron microscopy and metallography laboratory in the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering. She also helped

For Ms wishing to sign MUNACA-PSAC membership cards

Yes – this is still possible! Please remember that you may drop by the MUNACA office (3483 Peel) any time 9-5, contact a member of the M organization committee, speak to a MUNACA representative or sign a card electronically. When

MUNACA asks Ms to join its ranks

Propelled by strong interest expressed by many Ms to become unionized, MUNACA has offered to open up its certificate to include them. The PSAC has agreed to fully support us in this effort. A group of M staff who believe


Salary scales, as of June 1, 2017 can be found here. Salary scales as of June 1, 2018 are here. You may have noticed that the Collective Agreement says the following for this year’s increase: “By the same percentage as the Quebec