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Student occupation of the Deputy Provost's office

Thursday, 9 February, 2012 (All day)
Statement from MUNACA Executive Regarding the Occupation of The Office of the Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning


The administration's response, to dismiss the results of a democratically held referendum, was unacceptable. A suggestion for a clearer set of questions, or referral to a third party at McGill knowledgeable in surveys/questionnaires would have been more constructive.

We hope that the Administration has learnt, following the MUNACA strike, that earnest and constructive dialogue is a far better solution than to threaten peaceful demonstrators that are trying to communicate their issue.  It is the fear of the MUNACA executive that the administration, elected to serve and educate, will respond again with undue force causing harm to the students. We call on both the administration and the students to negotiate solutions to the referendum issue based on respect for the students' governing bodies.  We also believe it would be essential for the parties, particularly the McGill Administration, to reexamine the relationship between the Deputy Provost and the student body.

The Executive Board of MUNACA


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