Union Council

The Union Council is the legislative body of the union. It is made up of the Executive Committee, the Chairs of the standing committees, and the chief stewards/ district heads.


Thomas Chalmers President MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-4594 president@munaca.com
David Roseman VP Labour Relations MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-6207 vplr@munaca.com
Colby Briggs VP Finance MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-5926 vpfinance@munaca.com
Kelly Hanley VP Internal Chancellor Day Hall 514-398-8369 vice.president@munaca.com
VP Communications 514-398-6565 vpcomm@munaca.com
Dan Lafreniere Chair, Solidarity Committee Ludmer Building john.daniel.lafreniere@gmail.com
Chantal Montreuil Chair, Health and Safety Committee Redpath Museum 514-398-4086 x 089576 safety@munaca.com 
Richard Rossi Chair, Grievance Committee Maass Chemistry 514-398-6218 grievances@munaca.com
Chair, Communications Committee communications@munaca.com
Anne Avery Chief Steward Gelber Law Library 514-398-4715 x 0353 anne.avery0@gmail.com
Anne Bedard Chief Steward 1010 Sherbrooke 514-398-4619 annemarybedard2@gmail.com
Pierre Cambron Chief Steward Bronfman Building 514-398-7979 x089655 debonnepre@hotmail.com
Sherrie Child Chief Steward 5858 Côte-des-Neiges 514.399.9109 pigtails_ii@yahoo.ca
Simon Deverson Chief Steward 3690 Peel 514-398-7979 ext 00868 sideverson@gmail.com
Andreas Gadmer Chief Steward Redpath Library 514-398-7979 x089800 dittaspank@gmail.com
Isabelle Harvey Chief Steward McIntyre Medical 514-398-7277 harvey_i@hotmail.com
Diana Lee Chief Steward Goodman Cancer Center 514-398-4400 x 04552 diana.l@videotron.ca
Jesse Radz Chief Steward Martlet House 514-398-1248 jesseradz@gmail.com
Lucy Saunders Chief Steward James Admin Building 514-398-5067 lucysaundersuk@gmail.com
Timothy Swiffen Chief Steward Redpath Library Building 514-398-3076 tswiffen.munaca@gmail.com