History of MUNACA

In 2015, we mark 20 years since we first tabled our first Collective Agreement with McGill. Below is a brief history of significant events and actions through the decades.


MUNACA Express articles, the printed predecessor to comMUNACAtions, published a series of articles setting out the first 15 years:

MUNACA History, part 1, 1994-April 1996 (Eng/Fr)

MUNACA History, part 2, June 1996-December 1997 (Eng/Fr)

MUNACA History, part 3, March 1998-November 2002 (Eng/Fr)

MUNACA History, part 4, November 2002-June 2007 (Eng/Fr)


Photos of MUNACA’s beginnings, with thanks to Maria Ruocco.


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