Dear members, 

The Executive of the Association of McGill Professors of Law (AMPL) has called a one-day strike tomorrow, Tuesday February 13. You can find the AMPL’s full statement here on why the strike action is necessary.

We stand in solidarity with the AMPL and believe every worker has a right to fair wages and working conditions. We remind you that per our Collective Agreement, as members, you have the right to choose to not cross a picket line:

Article 18.02 If an employee believes that, as a matter of conscience, they cannot cross a picket line, this act of conscience will be respected, and no penalty will be imposed other than non-payment for the period during which services were not rendered. Employees who take that position will be expected to so advise their supervisor, department head or chair, as the case may be, and arrangements will be made to deduct the appropriate amounts from their salaries

For any questions about the AMPL’s strike action please reach out to: (AMPL President) 

For any questions about your rights to not cross a picket line (Article 18) or other MUNACA-related questions please reach out to

In solidarity,