My Workplace initiative – Lynda Bray

In Spring, 2015, a team of people from the Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, sent out a survey entitled My Workplace to all administrative and support staff in order to gauge what it’s like to work at McGill.  Are employees empowered to make the right decisions? Do they have opportunities to grow in their careers?

Interestingly, nearly half (45%) of the 2,754 employees surveyed filled out the survey. During summer, 2015, several discussions were held with the survey participants to further determine precisely what was meant by the responses and to clarify some of the issues mentioned. A follow-up meeting was then held, and the survey results were shared in greater detail.

Several MUNACA members participated in the My Workplace initiative and are to be commended for taking the time and making a positive effort to be heard and understood. As is often the case, surveys get completed, discussion groups are formed and nothing comes of it. But in this case, 10 brand new projects have been initiated – bravo!! Now let’s hold them to it!

For a complete listing of the 10 new initiatives, click here.