What’s been happening …

at-the-river-i-stand October 9, Chez Boris (5151, ave. du Parc)
The Social Justice Committee and the AMUSE Equity Committee held a screening of the powerful documentary, “At The River I Stand,” about the successful wildcat Memphis Garbage Workers Strike in 1968 and the support offered by organized labour, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, which ultimately lead to Dr. King’s assassination there on 4 April 1968.

After the screening, members of both unions discussed the importance of solidarity between the workers, the black community, organized labour, and civil rights leaders in winning a contract in the climate of institutional racism in the mayor’s office and city council of Memphis.


October 19 – Congratulations to our new council reps!

C Council:  Colby Briggs, Mohamad Kaddoura, Marylin Linhares, Jennifer Nicholls, Patrick Ritchie and Corina Sferdenschi

T Council received 3 nominations for 2 seats:  Pierre Cambron, Timothy Swiffen and Danny Trempe. Ballots have been sent via internal mail to all T-classification members.

Deadline to vote: November 18 at noon.