Summer Committee Reports

get involvedAre you looking for a way to contribute to MUNACA? Do you just want to see what’s going on? MUNACA has committees dealing with different issues and tasks. Come by during your lunch hour, sit in on our meetings, learn what these Committees do, and join us in the effort!

Get involved with and learn more about MUNACA!

All meetings are held at the MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel Street. Please check MUNACA Events Calendar for all the dates.            

The opinions expressed below are those of the committees and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of MUNACA.

Social Justice Committee: No report. (Chair: Dan Lafrenière,

Health and Safety Committee: No report. (Chair: David Kalant,

Communications Committee: The Committee has hired a website technician to update the website: add a bilingual plugin, Google Analytics, Google Translate and other software. Members are slowly reviewing and translating the pages and switching the newsletter to an email digest. (Chair: Mary Chin,