Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for the newsletter, comMUNACAtions, as well as this website and other initiatives.

Our mandate is:

Communication Committee is a standing committee with an elected chair failing that a chair may be named by the Union Council. The Committee is comprised of 4 members

4 members including the chair 2 of which are named by the Union Council, and the VP Comm ex-officio maintain and update the website and Facebook page, – produce a regular newsletter informing members of MUNACA issues and other labour related issues and things of general interest.

– to encourage the membership to be more involved in their union,

– to solicit ideas from the membership that would get them more involved with their union and labour issues,

– to solicit the membership and ask them what skills and capabilities they have that they would be willing to offer to their union.

– the committee may invite members at large to join them as non-voting members, – decisions of the committee are made by consensus unless a vote is requested, – to produce an agenda and minutes for each meeting and to submit them to the VP Internal Affairs.

– To report to the Union Council and General Assembly when requested