If you have a question or concern about the collective agreement, your rights at work, or your working conditions, please contact a MUNACA Steward.

Did you know that you can contact any steward on campus for help or information?

We often say, “Contact your steward” and members often ask, “Who is my steward?”

Your steward can be the one in your building, the building next door, or across the campus. Your steward can be the one in your job classification who works in a different department or faculty. She or he can be the person you met at the BBQ and feel comfortable with.

Your steward could also be YOU! Any member interested in becoming a steward of the union may send their request in writing to MUNACA-PSAC Local 17602, at 3483 Peel Street or by email to

Map of MUNACA Stewards

Anne Avery Gelber Law Library 514-398-4715 x 0353
JD Beauchesne
Anne Bedard MUHC 514-412-4400 x22696
Frank Cambrini On Leave On Leave On Leave
Pierre Cambron Bronfman Building 514-398-7979 x089655
Thomas Chalmers MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-4594
Sherrie Child 5858 Côte-des-Neiges 514.399.9109
Mary Chin MNI 514-398-4891
Samuel Churchill New Residence Hall 514-566-6624
Nancy Crowe MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-6207
Simon Deverson 3690 Peel 514-398-7979 x00868
Dino Dutz Wirth Music Building 514-398-6337
Marina Fedorova MUHC – Glen Site 514-398-8888 x36344
Andreas Gadmer Redpath Library 514-398-7979 x089800
Franchina Gifuni Bronfman Building 514-398-1880
Kelly Hanley Chancellor Day Hall 514-398-8369
Isabelle Harvey McIntyre Medical 514-398-7277
Maryna Kalachova 680 Sherbrooke 514-398-3520
Dan Lafrenière Ludmer Building
Alexandru Lazari On Leave On Leave On Leave
Diana Lee Goodman Cancer Center 514-398-4400 x 04552
Marylin Linhares MUHC 514-398-3466
Luisa Meo 3645 Durocher (514) 398-3479
Isaiah Mohamed New Residence Hall 54-398-3669
Chantal Montreuil Redpath Museum 514-398-4086 x 089576
Oscar Morales 688 Sherbrooke 514-398-3491
Shane Nichol CMARC
Jennifer Nicholls Lady Meredith House  On Leave  On Leave
Jesse Radz McIntyre Medical 514-398-4118
Hardial Rosner 3605 de la Montagne 514-398-5879
Richard Rossi Maass Chemistry 514-398-6218
Ranjan Roy Wong Building 514-398-8274
Marc Samoisette Field Unit – MAC Farm 514-916-7335
Lucy Saunders James Admin Building 514-398-5067
Andrei Semikov La Citadelle 514-398-8650
Badawy Sha’ath Maass Chemistry 514-398-6223
David Simon Bishop Mountain Hall
Timothy Swiffen Redpath Library Building 514-398-3076
Abderrahim Tazroute La Citadelle 438-930-1974
Elisa Torres Duff Building  On Leave  On Leave
Debra Yee 550 Sherbrooke 514-398-4738