Union Council

The Union Council is the legislative body of the union. It is made up of the Executive Committee, the Chairs of the standing committees, and the chief stewards/ district heads.

Thomas Chalmers President MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-4594 president@munaca.com
Nancy Crowe
(On Leave)
VP Labour Relations MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel 514-398-6207 vplr@munaca.com
Sherrie Child VP Internal Lady Meredith House 514.398.4987 vice.president@munaca.com
Mark d’Entremont VP M-Affairs 680 Sherbrooke 514-396-1196 vice.president.m@munaca.com
Deborah Martin VP Finance Macdonald Stewart Building 514-398-7798 vpfinance@munaca.com
VACANT VP Communications 550 Sherbrooke 514-398-6565 vpcomm@munaca.com
Anne Bedard Chief Steward Redpath Library Building 514-398-7411 annemarybedard2@gmail.com
Andreas Gadmer Chief Steward Redpath Library Building 514-398-1145 dittaspank@gmail.com
Lucia Guerra Chair, Communications Committee Montreal Neurological Institute N/A seeagee@comcast.net
Isabelle Harvey Chief Steward McIntyre Medical 514-398-7277 harvey_i@hotmail.com
Diana Lee Chief Steward Goodman Cancer Center 514-398-4400 x 04552 dlee25108@gmail.com
David Roseman Chief Steward Dawson Hall N/A davidroseman@gmail.com
Rick Rossi Chair, Finance Committee Maass Chemistry 514-398-6218 ode5string@gmail.com
Robin Stanford Chief Steward 688 Sherbrooke N/A robin.munaca@gmail.com
Heidi Swan Chief Steward Redpath Library Building N/A heidiswan.munaca@gmail.com