Monthly Meeting Summaries

All Council meetings are held at the MUNACA Office, 3483 Peel Street. Please check MUNACA Events Calendar for all the dates.           

All MUNACA members may sit in at the council meeting of their post classification, without the right to vote. While liberation is only available for council members, you are welcome to attend on your own time.

The opinions expressed below are those of the councils and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of MUNACA.

October T-Council meeting – T-Council meetings are open to all union members – come and join the discussions! (T-Council Chair: Badawy Sha’ath,

October C-Council meeting – (C-Council Chair: Jesse Radz,

October L-Council meeting – Library Council met November 24th to discuss the (mis)use of student and temporary replacement workers in our library workplaces. The subject of M’s performing our work also resurfaced. In regards to this, a quick FYI would be: Article 39’s have been filed for the M’s, and the union was able to successfully challenge the library regarding the situation of an AMUSE member working in a MUNACA position for over a year in Schulich Library.  Council reps worked closely with MUNACA’s VP, Labour Relations and AMUSE to ensure that the MUNACA position was once again filled by a MUNACA member. Good solidarity work. Council also discussed Dean Cook’s upcoming December 15-16 Strategic Planning sessions only to wonder how much this self-serving exercise would cost and if benefits to support-staff or the community we serve would result? Believing in a Santa Claus is difficult; that said, your Council reps are genuine in wishing you and yours a safe, fun and relaxing holiday! Best wishes for 2016 and always. (L-Council Chair: Nancy Crowe,