The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) represents more than 170,000 workers in every province and territory in Canada and in locations around the world. Our members work for federal government departments and agencies, Crown Corporations, universities, casinos, community services agencies, Aboriginal communities, airports, and the security sector among others. PSAC is headquartered in Ottawa with 23 regional offices across Canada.

You can learn more about PSAC by visiting the following websites:

PSAC National

PSAC Regional (Quebec)

PSAC Constitution

PSAC Benefits

MUNACA members are entitled to all PSAC member benefits.  All you need is your PSAC number to take advantage of these benefits.  If you don’t know your PSAC number, call the regional office or the MUNACA office.

Learn more about PSAC benefits here:

PSAC Member Benefits: discounts on car, home, and life insurance; credit card benefits, etc.

PSAC-Quebec Member Benefits: discounts at hotels, Bétonel paint stores; retired members’ association, etc.

Free PSAC $ 10,000 Life Insurance: while it’s free, you do have to apply.