What’s been happening…

November 10 and 25
MotherhouseFennarioThe Social Justice Committee along with AMUSE’s counterpart, the Equity Committee, again joined forces this month for two events on campus.

The first was on November 10th in the newly christened Elizabeth Wirth Music Building with Disarmament McGill as co-sponsor to bring attention to the unenviable relationship McGill enjoys with various weapons manufacturers in Canada. A stirring reading by drama student Laura Orozco from the acclaimed play “Motherhouse” by David Fennario enthralled the crowd in attendance.

The play concerns the trials and tribulations of a group of women workers attempting to organize a union in a munitions factory during the First World War. The playwright was unable to be present as anticipated but managed to join the assembled in discussion live via Skype on the large screen in the classroom. The cheerful Fennario shared many anecdotes about the play, its relevance to Montréal, and the complex ties with the armaments industry up to the present day. He even challenged the people in attendance (twice!) to help him find steady employment at McGill between his tentative writing projects!


15_and_fairMost recently on November 25th, the SJC and Equity Committee brought together activists to introduce the “15 and Fairness” campaign at McGill, a movement that has been gaining momentum in Canada after a string of successes on the US labour front. Starting among fast food workers in Los Angeles and New York City, the campaign seeks to galvanize support from different industry sectors to push for the establishment of a $15/ hour minimum wage. In Canada, the movement has had less traction than our southern neighbours, but did catch the attention and support of the NDP during the recent federal election campaign.

Here in Montréal, the Immigrant Workers Centre have been tirelessly championing this idea and how it relates to precarious employment of migrants and immigrants. Manuel Salamanca and Lorraine spoke passionately on how vulnerable foreign workers are in Canada and the desperate need for governments to establish basic rights for them in line with current labour laws for all.

Complementing these two speakers, Molly Swain and Josh Pavan of AMUSE, who are spearheading the on-campus campaign named 15 and Fairness, outlined the fight at McGill and the plight of student and casual workers, many of whom are paid less than ten dollars an hour! Delicious vegan fare for both body and soul was graciously provided by Midnight Kitchen for this event.

November 18
T Council received 3 nominations for 2 seats: Pierre Cambron, Timothy Swiffen and Danny Trempe. Timothy Swiffen and Danny Trempe received the most votes and are elected T-Council reps. Congratulations!

November 20, 12-2 p.m., MUNACA Boardroom, 3483 Peel Street
Member lunch-and-learn on Job rematches (Art. 23.04 – 23.08). You can also read summaries of our past lunch-and-learn sessions and other work-related issues on Common Work Issues. Lunch-and-learn sessions will resume in winter, 2016.

You can also read summaries of our past lunch-and-learn sessions and other work-related issues on Common Work Issues.