Common Work Issues

This is a series of articles on Collective Agreement articles and labour law covering what we have found to be the most common work-related issues of members.

We hope you find some of your answers here – for more help with specific questions on your own work situation, contact your steward.

MUNACA Collective Agreement

Article 10 – Grievance and Disagreement Procedure
Grievances – common concerns (Eng/Fr)

Article 16 – Employment security, job abolition and relocation
Relocation (Eng/Fr)

Article 23.04-23.08 – Job rematch

Job rematch procedure (Eng/Fr)

Article 28 – Vacation
Vacation scheduling (Eng/Fr)

Article 31 – Parental leaves

Mat leave, and other parental leaves

Article 33 – Unpaid leave

Unpaid leave (Eng/Fr)

Article 37 – Incidental illness: doctor’s notes and short-term disability

Doctor’s notes (Eng/Fr)

Article 46 – Workload issues (Eng/Fr)

Other Labour Issues

Health and Safety Committee – info on workplace accidents, heat, air quality, and other safety and security issues

McGill email addresses and personal business (Eng/Fr)

Psychological harassment: What it is and what to do (Eng/Fr)

Cautious use of social media (Eng/Fr)

Discussing Menopause at Work (Eng/Fr)

Sessional employees and E.I. (Eng/Fr)

Work Accidents and what to do (Eng/Fr)