Negotiations Update – October 22, 2015

The parties met this week on Tuesday, October 20th and Wednesday, October 21st, 2015. Over the course of these, days we discussed: Appendices: 5 – Casuals 7 – Generic Job Descriptions 9 – Letter of Agreement pertaining to Benefits Reduction voting

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Negotiations Update – October 15, 2015

After the long Thanksgiving weekend, the two parties resumed negotiations on October 13th and 14th. The articles addressed were: 10.02 – Grievance and disagreement procedure 12.04 – Disciplinary measures 28.09 – Vacation days 30.02 to 30.08 – Bereavement leaves 30.10 –

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Federal Election: Vote for a Better Canada

With the Federal election under a week away, we would like to remind members of the Harper government’s record on unions and labour – it’s not a pretty sight. Since taking power in 2006, they’ve passed nine pieces of legislation

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Negotiations Update – October 9, 2015

This week (week of October 5, 2015) during two days of negotiations, the parties discussed and agreed to some changes in principle, on the following: Article 14.03 – Temporary Assignments; Article 20.02 – Hours of Work; Article 20.08.02 – Flexible

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On-Campus Voting for Students

In the coming federal election, it’s more important than ever that young people vote. If you work with students, please pass along this information to them: until this Thursday, October 8th, students can vote on campus for a candidate in

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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Council By-elections

The Call for Nominations to fill the empty seats on C Council, L Council and T Council will open on September 28th, 2015. The successful nominees will serve the remainder of the term that started June 2014.

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Vote to Stop the Cuts

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MUNACA members win Awards!

Hooray for MUNACA members Josee Di Sano, Jennifer Wallace and members of the ILL team (Maria de Souza, Elizabeth Dunkley, Cheryl Smeall, Francisco Uribe, Patricia Nellissen) – winners of the Principal’s Awards for Administrative and Support Staff!

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Negotiations Update – September 25, 2015

Negotiation Update – September 25, 2015 At this week’s negotiation sessions, the parties extensively discussed Article 5, which governs the use of casuals, as well as the grievance procedure. No agreement was reached, and they will be returning to these

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Federal Election: Make sure you are registered to vote!

With the October 19th federal election fast approaching, we would like to remind members that with new Elections Canada rules, you may not be registered to vote, even if you’ve voted from the same address before. You can check your status

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