AGSEM strike announcement!

Dear members,

The Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM) has announced that starting Monday, March 25th,at 7:30 AM the teaching assistants are officially on strike! Pickets begin at the Roddick Gates and the Macdonald Stewart Building and last all day. We invite all MUNACA members able to do so to join them on the lines before work and at lunchtime to show solidarity!

Furthermore, if there are AGSEM Teaching Assistants in your faculty who are on strike, remember that Article 18.02 of the MUNACA collective agreement protects your right to refuse to cross a picket line, with no penalty other than non-payment for the working day.  We encourage all MUNACA members in affected faculties to exercise their Article 18.02 rights according to their conscience. Members can also use their lunch hours, breaks, floater and personal days to join the picket lines.

We stand with AGSEM as they fight for a fair contract! For any questions about how this may affect your workplace, please contact

In Solidarity,