Association of McGill Professors of the Faculty of Arts Press Conference & Solidarity Rally

Dear members, 

In another resounding victory for the labour movement at McGill, the professors of the Faculty of Arts have announced that over 60% of the faculty have signed unionising cards and will be filing for certification this Wednesday as the Association of McGill Professors of the Faculty of Arts (AMPFA)! This makes Arts the third faculty, after Law, and Education, to unionise at our university. We at MUNACA welcome them into our ever-expanding union family and hope that every other faculty at McGill swiftly follows their example. 

Their union intends to cover both tenure-track professors and faculty lecturers at the Faculty of Arts, though the full extent of their certification will be determined by the Labour Tribunal when they file. 

We invite all MUNACA members to attend AMPFA’s press conference and rally announcing their certification on Thursday, April 4th, 2024, at 2:30 PM, on the steps of the Arts Building.  A guest speaker from AGSEM will be present as well, to acknowledge AMPFA’s solidarity with the TA strike. If you are able, please come out and show solidarity with our new union siblings! 

In solidarity,