MUNACA Strike Vote

[MONTREAL] McGill University takes great pride in being one of Montreal’s top employers, however, that has not translated with regards to its treatment of its employees. Consequently, last week the MUNACA membership voted in favour of a strike mandate.

McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association (MUNACA), which represents nearly 2,000 support staff employees, has been in contract talks with McGill’s Administration; they started in earnest in September 2020. Our previous contract expired November 30th, 2018. Over the past 15 months, we have met with the Employer at least 50
times and still they have not adequately responded to our salary concerns.

MUNACA has informed the University that their last offer on salaries of March 10th was rejected by the membership. There has been no further attempts by the Employer to improve their final offer, hence the strike mandate was requested and approved. The Administration’s offer of March 10th is significantly below the cost of living, and would
mean that our members would be losing money for the duration of the contract.

Members of MUNACA are asking the McGill University Administration to come to the table with a wage offer that not only accounts for the skyrocketing cost of living, but that also recognizes the fact that the non-academic staff have been essential to keeping the University in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This administration is proposing salaries well below the cost of living despite the fact that the Principal’s remuneration has risen to over $860,000 and their multi-billion dollar endowment has risen 45% since the pandemic.” says Thomas Chalmers, MUNACA President.

It is time that the University Administration realises that its status as “one of Montreal’s top employers” is not the reality for many of its employees. MUNACA employees have worked extremely hard to keep McGill functioning. All we are asking for is to be treated with respect and to have a fair contract.

Thomas Chalmers