Strike Notice

Wednesday April 20th, 2022, 07:00


Friday April 22nd, 2022, 07:00

48 hours – MUNACA ON STRIKE!

Every member of MUNACA is expected to report to their picket locations (see below) on the shifts they had previously indicated in their picket preference choices.

List of picket assignments is here.
Map of downtown picket locations is here.

Shift times are: 9:00-13:00 and 12:00-16:00.

This is the time for us to collectively demonstrate that we are just as committed to our bargaining priorities today as when we established them, and we are willing to walk off the job in support of:
– a decent pay scale,
– a cost of living increase, and
– respect for MUNACA workers
for all MUNACA workers who work tirelessly to put McGill at the top. Where is the fair compensation? The gratitude? The respect? When is enough, enough?


“When is strike action taking place?”
– You will be notified 24 hrs in advance of any strike action.
– You will be contacted by phone, or your alternate/personal email, when (please check your emails regularly for updates!).
– It is likely that MUNACA members will have their McGill email access cut off. This includes calendar appointments, storage drives, or and anything linked to these McGill accounts.
– In order to facilitate communications about where/when to show up, Send us your alternative email and/or cell phone number.

If you notice MUNACA emails going to your Junk folder:
– Go to your Junk Email folder
– Right Click on the email within the list you want to redirect to your Inbox.
– Drop down menu should offer “Junk”
– In “Junk”, select “Never Block this Group or Mailing List”
– Selecting solely “Not Junk” will not work.

“What do I bring?”
– Wear MUNACA t-shirts, lanyards, buttons, hats
– Please dress accordingly (look at the weather forecast)
– Wear comfortable shoes!
– Bring your masks, bottle of water and snacks for the 4 hour picket shift.
– Bring a piece of ID
– Noise makers, claquers, whistles, ear plugs, and energy!
– MUNACA Musicians bring your instruments and contact Rick Rossi for coordination.

“Where do I go?”
– Get to your meeting point (sent to members 24 hours prior)
– Find your strike captain to SIGN IN (look for the orange jersey)
– Follow your strike captain’s instructions and do strike activities (walking, making picket signs, picketing, handing out stickers…)
– Find your strike captain to SIGN OUT

“How do I get Strike Pay?”
– You must have signed your union card
– In order to qualify for strike pay, workers must carry out strike-related duties for a minimum of 4 hrs / day (flat rate, non-taxable).
– Strike pay, in accordance with regulation 6 of the PSAC Constitution is $75 / day.
– While $75 / day may seem low, it is one of the higher rates of strike pay provided by Canadian unions.
– Delay of 2 weeks for processing
– Printed checks will be issued by the PSAC.
– No strike pay if you don’t show up on site and sign in, and sign out.
– Your pay will be distributed by your local.

“What can you tell me about ‘scabbing’?”
– The term scab refers to people who continue to work during a strike. Working during a strike is also known as crossing the picket line. Replacement workers undermine the demands of the workers on strike, and are termed “scabs”.
– The Employer is forbidden by law to use ‘scabs’. Some managers might perform some of the duties, but McGill cannot hire new people to do the work of striking workers.
– If you know of scab workers, report this to MUNACA.
– Scabbing is a violation of section 25 of the PSAC Constitution (page 49) and the Quebec Labour Code.

“Is there anything to gain by striking? Will I ever recover the lost earnings?”
– Aside from the dignity and respect the workers gain from their employer by voting to strike, the improvements made to the collective agreement often result in not only material, but non-material gains as well. In many cases, the monetary gains made over the life of the collective agreement surpass any losses incurred during a strike.
– Sign the New Mode petition

“What impact does a strike have on the employer?”
-The very threat of a strike will often force employers to bargain seriously. They can’t get any work done when the majority of their workforce withholds its labour.

Questions / Concerns?
Please contact:

In solidarity.
The MUNACA Negotiations Committee