Last Thursday, McGill announced an update on the impact of tuition measures affecting university enrollment and finances. The suggested measures, needed to protect McGill’s financial stability, include a hiring freeze, and job reductions.However, Premier François Legault has said he is still open to talking with the Rectors of Quebec’s three anglophone universities to discuss his government’s decision to increase tuition for out-of-province students and the effects it will have on these institutions.

The students themselves organized, and held a demonstration last Monday against the changes, and another, larger, demonstration is planned for later this month.  

There is also a petition asking for the cancellation of the tuition fee increase for students from outside of Quebec.. 

We encourage you to sign the petition against the tuition fee increases.

In Solidarity,
MUNACA Executive, 
Thomas Chalmers, Sherrie Child, Simon Deverson, Mark d’Entremont, Deborah Martin
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PSAC deeply mourns the many civilian lives lost and the ongoing suffering in the face of escalating violence in Israel and Palestine over the past week.   

We condemn the horrific attack and killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas in southern Israel and the ongoing Israeli military siege and killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. The recent forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza, coupled with threats of violence towards Jewish and Muslim communities worldwide, has reached a crisis point that requires urgent intervention. 

The Canadian government must call for an immediate cease-fire to prevent any further loss of life. It must also oppose Israel’s illegal restriction of water, electricity, food and medicine to the more than 2 million people of Gaza and demand a humanitarian corridor be established immediately.  

Canada must lend its support in finding a peaceful resolution to the decades-long conflict, which includes calling for the end of the occupation of Palestinian territories.  

PSAC acknowledges that many of our members are experiencing pain and anxiety in light of these recent events. We recognize that some members may be worrying about family and loved ones living in the region and that recent headlines are impacting their communities here in Canada. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to everyone impacted by this crisis. 

As tensions rise in communities around the world, we must unite against racism, antisemitism, and Islamophobia, and uphold the right to freedom, self-determination, and safety for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Recently the MUNACA Executive donated $500 to the Trans Legal Defense Fund. They will use the funds raised to become part of a broader project to counter anti-trans hate across Turtle Island / Canada, by notably:

  • Funding constitutional cases, suing governments if they fail to respect trans people’s fundamental, Charter-protected rights;
  • Supporting individual plaintiffs in suing anti-trans actors in courts of law;
  • Providing direct support to trans people, in the form of grants, to help pay for their name changes, as well as other court fees (e.g. filing fees).