Pour large distribution/ To share at large

À ne pas confondre avec la conférence des groupes raciaux visibles de l’AFPC-QC / Not to be mistaken with PSAC-QC Racially visible Conference

Conférences Équité : Soumettez votre candidature dès maintenant!


Equity Conferences: Apply now!


En toute solidarité / In all solidarity,

Marie-Ange Mundela, Secrétaire/Secretary, BR Montréal-RO, AFPC/PSAC-QC

Ensemble, on fait la différence!

Would you be willing to sign the petition? The background to this petition is the McGill Tribune’s article from October 2022.

The link to the petition is found at: https://powerforms.docusign.net/91bdc6c6-eab9-482a-950e-cee51878c1cb?env=na3&acct=cd92b358-1a2c-407b-bc42-054da7df6206&accountId=cd92b358-1a2c-407b-bc42-054da7df6206

** The petition will ask for your McGill Staff ID and McGill email address. This is because, this petition will need a number of McGill staff to sign before it can be brought before the McGill Board of Governors. If you do not wish to provide those you can still sign using a non-McGill email address and leave the Staff ID space empty **

AMURE’s postdoc bargaining team needs your support. The University is refusing to address our most important issues:

  • Fair wages
  • Professional development
  • Paid parental leave
  • Sick days

McGill’s offer of a minimum salary of $37,500 and 39,000 in 2023 would mean that postdocs would have the lowest Minimum salary out of all full-time McGill positions. Every single other McGill position has a higher minimum salary.

The median salary for postdocs is $48,000, but for comparison, laboratory technicians, research assistants and research associates have a minimum salary above $50,000 a year. While our offer is even below this amount, we feel that this agreement will be the first step for fair salaries of postdocs. Please support the bargaining demands of postdocs by signing this petition

Today, December 6th marks the 33rd anniversary of one of the most brutal mass killings in Canadian history at Ecole Polytechnique. Today we take time to reflect upon violence against women. We take some time to consider the impact this horrible act had on not only the 14 women who were viciously murdered simply because they were women but on the impact it has had on their friends, families and love ones and on our society as a whole. Please keep these women in your thoughts and hearts today.

Say their names!!!