MUNACA asks Ms to join its ranks

Propelled by strong interest expressed by many Ms to become unionized, MUNACA has offered to open up its certificate to include them. The PSAC has agreed to fully support us in this effort. A group of M staff who believe in the need to unionize formed a committee (the M Unionizing Committee) and started working with MUNACA and the PSAC on this. At this point the emphasis is on providing facts to all of our colleagues on the process of unionization and the advantages of forming a union. It is essential for everyone to realize that the key difference between voluntary associations and a union are the protections conferred by Quebec’s Labour Code. Fundamentally, unionization is about having more control over one’s working conditions, including salary. We encourage all staff to engage in reasoned discussions on what being a union member actually means and what it brings.

You can view a copy of the FAQs here.

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