Started as a casual? Check your seniority!

It only takes 2 minutes and seniority is fundamental for questions of employment security, priority for vacant positions, for shift work, and for vacation schedule/entitlement

It has come to our attention there have been some cases of discrepancies in McGill’s calculation of seniority.  MUNACA urges all members to verify their seniority by logging on to the following link:

Please remember that time you spent in continuous employment as a casual prior to joining MUNACA is to be included.

Should you find that your seniority does not correspond to your time here at McGill, we strongly recommend reviewing the Letter of Agreement and then submitting to HR a Seniority Contestation Request (both below).

Questions?  Please reach out to your friendly neighbourhood Steward!


Find the letter of Agreement here.

To contest your seniority, please submit this form to HR with MUNACA cc’d.