Letter to Principal Fortier re: Climate March

September 20th, 2019

Dear Principal Fortier,

As you know, there is a global movement planned for September 27th, 2019 to bring awareness to the severity of climate change. MUNACA writes to you today to ask what McGill is prepared to do to support this global initiative?

According to Professor Manfredi:

Addressing the threats posed by climate change and other environmental challenges through the advancement of knowledge and changes in our own operations is a priority at McGill University.  Our ongoing commitment has expressed itself in, among other measures, our $10-million fund that supports sustainability-focused research and our bold objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.”

However, if McGill is as committed to supporting sustainability as is stated above, a good show of faith would be to liberate students and staff to participate in the Montreal march, without penalty, as has been done at Concordia University, Dawson College and Université de Montréal.What will McGill do to show its support for not only its constituency, but also the planet? As MUNACA did during extreme weather this past winter, we again write to you to ask you to take a leading role amongst your university counterparts. 

As we are well aware that climate change is of vital importance to us all, especially those from our student body who are young and will need to deal with the impact of climate change for the duration of their lives, we ask you to support our students, staff, and our planet. Should you choose to support this initiative with positive actions, it will bear witness to a McGill that cares and shares the concerns of its constituency. We ask you to support our students, staff and the planet in solidarity and cancel classes on September 27th, 2019.


The MUNACA Executive Committee  




Dawson College


Université de Montréal


University of British Columbia, Toronto District School Board



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