Open Letter to Principal Fortier COVID-19

Dear Principal Fortier,

We the representatives of unions and associations would like to address our concerns
over the way McGill ‘s administration has handled the COVID-19 crisis. We are loath to
say the reaction to this crisis is the same as in the past. The McGill Administration has
conducted itself again with little to no leadership and has treated those that we represent
in a typical paternalistic fashion. The Administration has ignored our legitimate questions and concerns. We do not question the Administration’s right to manage, however, we feel it’s folly to ignore the potential experience and resources of the unions and associations available to you. Best practices would seem to us to dictate that the Administration should
include unions and associations in emergency meetings. By not cooperating and
consulting with us the labour/management relationship worsens, and at a time where all
are affected and need to count on one another for support and assistance. We believe
that all employees should be sent home with pay and those that remain behind to
maintain essential services should be compensated at the appropriate rate.

We appreciate the concern that the Administration has shown towards Students and Faculty but wonder where is the concern for staff!

McGill claims to be a good employer, yet the Administration is ignoring the threat to all our members and their families’ health and safety. It is time to show leadership and concern
for every member of the McGill community.

In light of the announcement by Premier Legault and to avoid confusion and stress we
ask that you make an announcement that the university will be closed except for essential services and that all employees will be paid during the closure mandated by the Premier.

This letter was sent to Principal Fortier by Unions and Associations. Our Collective Agreement provides for staff being paid when the University closes, however, we believe that
the University Administration has the duty to reassure all members of our community. We
also believe that the University has the responsibility to work with all groups as we all
have a stake in what happens here at McGill.

Apologies. le texte francais a suivre
yours as always in solidarity,
Thomas on behalf of the MUNACA Executive Committee