Statement on the James McGill statue

Dear members, 

At the Union Council meeting of August 26th, a motion was passed in support of our black and indigenous brothers and sisters in their call for the removal of the James McGill statue. As part of this motion, there was a call to end systemic racism and for specific and concrete measures to promote inclusiveness and remove all barriers to studying and hiring.

The Union Council supports these measures as it was felt that it is not the time to be silent on these issues and that we must respect and continue the union movement’s role as an engine for social change. The union movement has fought for and succeeded in making many improvements in the lives of all Canadians such as; employment insurance, medicare, maternity/paternity leaves, and a broad and more inclusive definition of discrimination, to name but a few. Now is the time to put an end to racism – in all its forms.

This is a very critical juncture where we can make a difference for a better and just future for all. 

Racism has no place in our Union, in the McGill Community, and our society at large.

Yours as always, in solidarity,

The MUNACA Executive Committee

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