Job Description Survey

We are pleased to give each of you this opportunity to tell us about your specific job description. As you know, it has been decades since the PEDs (generic job descriptions) were reviewed by the employer, and we suspect that many MUNACA members are performing work that does not accurately reflect the generic descriptions, or are performing tasks belonging to other PEDs. Your responses will allow us to see where the gaps in information are between what jobs our members do, and what our employer thinks we do.

This survey, will give your Negotiations Committee a better idea of who does what as we are about to negotiate salary increases with the employer over the summer, and it will help your Pay Equity Committee as we attempt to settle years’ worth of pay equity audits with McGill. Remember, going into these kinds of discussions we are only strong if we are well prepared.

Thank you in advance for giving us the tools to better represent each of you! The survey will close on Sunday, July 18th, 2021.

In solidarity,

Your MUNACA Executive Committee
Your MUNACA Pay Equity Committee
Your MUNACA Negotiations Committee