National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

To MUNACA members and the McGill Community,

September 30th is a momentous occasion, it acknowledges a shameful event in Canadian history that must be recognised, remembered. and never permitted to happen again. Young children were ripped away from their homes and family to ‘civilise’ them, what arrogance! This wasn’t civilising, this was genocide and another shameful fact was that at the same time this was happening in Canada, our elected representatives were at the United Nation signing a declaration against genocide, what hypocrisy!
The horrors of the Residential School system must be recognised and we must acknowledge what happened and commit ourselves to the truth and reconciliation. We should recognise and support those that have brought this horror to national attention. We applaud those that have struggled hard and long to have these horrors recognised. We owe them a debt of gratitude for bringing to light our tainted past. Only by accepting the truth and owning up to it can we build bridges with our indigeous brothers and sisters. Please take some time today to reflect.

in solidarity,
The MUNACA Executive Committee